Complaints Resolution

FSP: 45337

Should you feel that any representative of iSmart (Pty) Ltd has contravened or failed to comply with a provision of this Act, and that as a result thereof you have suffered or are likely to suffer financial prejudice or damage; or if any representative of iSmart (Pty) Ltd has willfully or negligently rendered a financial service to you which has, or is likely to cause prejudice or damage to you; or where you believe you have been treated unfairly, you have the right to complain.

The First Step in The Process

The Second Step in The Process

Should you not be entirely satisfied with the resolution of the complaint you may now complain to the Ombud for Financial Services Providers. The Office of the Ombud will not investigate a complaint unless it has been lodged with the Compliance Officer of the Financial Services Provider first.

Ombud Contact Details

Toll free no: 0860FAISOM (0860324766)

Telephone: +27 12 470 9080

Facsimile: + 27 12 348 3447

E-mail address:


Postal Address: P.O.Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040